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Virtually self-taught, Annick started off tentatively with small pencil sketches before boldly progressing to soft pastels and large pieces of work and has been quietly developing her distinctive style over the last few years. She now uses a mix of mediums, primarily ink, soft and oil pastels, water colour, acrylic and spray paint on both paper and canvas.

Born and bought up in Kenya, wildlife and other animals are her great love, and giving back to conservation, both professionally and personally have become her life passion.

In 2021 and after 18 years of working in the tourism industry, Annick decided to take her art to the next level and make it her profession. She now sells original artworks of animal portraits (wild and domestic) and designs easy, fun merchandise for retail - through The Drawing Donkey.

Her exhibition pieces focus on the ever-challenging conservation landscape.

Annick’s company name, The Drawing Donkey is a small nod of appreciation to her artist mentor, the fantastically talented Timothy Brooke, who introduced her to the bench easel fondly referred to as the drawing donkey.

Currently living in Kenya, with roots in Mauritius, Annick shares her life with her dogs and seeks out the magic of wide, wild, open spaces as often as possible.

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