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Short of time? No photos? Or perhaps you would like your loved one to be involved in the creative process of their portrait.


Gift vouchers really are the perfect gift. Not only does it give the recipient full control of the commissioning process, including the choice of subject and reference photos, but you will also be gifting them with the experience of being involved in the painting process with daily photo and or video updates.


How does it work?

  • You can choose a Gift Voucher for any of the size options available and with additional subjects if needed. Please see full price list here.

  • Once purchased, gift vouchers can be sent either by soft copy on email or as a hard copy. Hard copies can be delivered locally in Nanyuki, sent by Wells Fargo within Kenya or sent internationally by post.

  • Once the recipient is ready to redeem their pet or animal portrait, they simply contact Annick using the contact details shared on the voucher.

  • Once redeemed, the recipient will work directly with Annick to allocate a slot in her schedule as well as provide her with photographs, and if possible a written description of the pet.

  • Gift vouchers are valid for six months from the date of purchase.



Annick Mitchell_Gift Voucher A5-01.jpg

**Terms and conditions:**


A gift voucher entitles the recipient to an original mix media animal portrait according to the size quoted on the voucher.


A Gift Voucher does not include:

1. Framing. Framing can however be added at an extra cost.

2. Delivery costs of the final painting. This cost will be added to the final invoice.

3. Vouchers are valid for six months from the date of purchase. The recipient needs to redeem the voucher within six months.

4 To redeem the voucher, the recipient must contact Annick Mitchell.

5. Once the recipient redeems their gift voucher, they will be allocated a slot in Annick’s schedule. Waiting list and times vary throughout the year.

6. The recipient needs to be able to provide a good quality reference photo of the pet/animal. An art piece will only be as good as the reference photo supplied.

7. Gift vouchers are non -refundable, however, vouchers can be transferred to someone else if the recipient does not want a portrait.

8. The recipient may upgrade their pet portrait to a larger size if they wish, and pay the difference in price. The difference in price will be determined from the current price list at the time of redeeming the voucher.  The gift voucher cannot be downgraded to a smaller size.

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