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One portrait
Ksh 16,000

Additional animals
Ksh 12,000
One portrait
Ksh 24,000

Additional animals
Ksh 20,000
One portrait
Ksh 30,000

Additional animals
Ksh 26,000
One portrait
Ksh 38,000

Additional animals
Ksh 34,000


Terms and conditions apply. Prices subject to change. Packaging and shipping not included.


If you are interested in commissioning an animal portrait, please email me on We can then discuss the details of what you would like, confirm a commission slot and agree on an expected delivery date.


I work from photographs. In case you would like a wild-life painting but do not have an appropriate photograph, I will share a selection from my own collection of royalty free photographs to choose from.

In case you would like a pet portrait, and if you are undecided on which photo you would like painted, do send me several photos so that I can select one main photo to work from and I will use all of the other photos as references to ensure that I capture the physical likeness, personality and character of the animal. A written description of your pet is always welcomed.

When thinking of which photos to send, please do be aware that a commission will only be as good as the reference photos supplied. A higher quality photo with good resolution allows for me to capture more detail but I do understand that this is not always possible, and in such cases, I will tend to do a looser painting to compensate for any lack of finer detail.

Once I have started on the artwork, I will share regular progress photos and welcome feedback throughout the process.
I work on heavy weight (minimum 300 gsm) watercolour paper, and I tend to use a mix of mediums, including the use of inks, soft and oil pastels, acrylic and watercolour paints and spray paint.

Once I start work on the commission, I will request for a non-refundable 20% deposit. Final balance is payable in full on completion of the commission and ahead of delivery.

My rates do not include packaging and shipping costs, which will be included at cost on the invoice for final payment. Within Kenya shipping will be done through Wells Fargo or G4S and for international orders, the artwork will be sent by DHL.

All works are un-framed. Once you receive the artwork, it will need to be framed on a mount and behind glass to protect the painting for longevity. I can link you directly with my recommended framers locally in Nanyuki and Nairobi.

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